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A Guide to Listening

If you’ve ever said: “I get distracted,” “I don’t know why I lose focus,” “I’ve been told I need to listen more,” “I need to listen more to my clients / workmates / boss / employees,” “My closest relationship would improve if we could listen better,” “Why listen?” or “Nobody listens to me!”—consider Rule #1, which begins with “Stop talking!”

While “stop talking is a helpful reminder and great first step, the book takes listeners beyond—examining personal “short circuits,” critical listening skills, inner listening, and listening in this age of overload. Rule #1 offers information, methods, and a light-hearted look at the serious subject of listening. Readers are invited to begin with a set of unique listening assessments.

RULE #1: STOP TALKING! — Book Endorsements

"Rule #1: Stop Talking! is an excellent introduction to listening as a powerful communication tool. Linda translates, through listening, the principles of human understanding into the concerns of our everyday lives and encourages the reader to begin their own listening journey and to explore the effects of good listening."
Margarete Imhof, President, International Listening Association (ILA)

"In a world rushing by and filled with so much noise, nobody seems to be listening. Linda Eve Diamond has brought forth a book that opens a door to deep listening, something simple yet powerful to improve relationships, work, and well-being. Good lessons and important tools in a busy life."
Stephan Rechtschaffen, Co-Founder, Omega Holistic Institute

"Linda writes in a voice that makes it easy for people to understand the basic concepts of listening.  In addition, she adds the practical information about physiology and biology - how it works!  I also like her definitions and the techniques she suggests.  I think readers will come away with a lot of ideas on how to become better listeners."
Kay Lindahl, founder of the Listening Center in Long Beach,

"Diamond’s book deserves a good listening to. Human beings are human becomings—works in progress—and Rule #1:Stop Talking is a guide book to becoming more in tune with ourselves and one another."
Ronald Bell, Chief Evacateur/Owner, Center for Positive Integral Change.

"With her bright, friendly tone, and practical, commonsensical approach, Diamond eases you into something that's bigger than you may realize. To truly listen is to break free from the limitations of your own concepts and expectations and open to limitless fresh possibilities. Step by step, Rule #1 shows you how."
Dean Sluyter, author of Cinema Nirvana: Enlightenment Lessons from the Movies

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